Monday, February 22, 2010

Apple's fight against Obscenity

After Apple’s successful mission to fight against piracy through its anti-piracy measures it has now engaged in the task to fight obscenity. Through the anti-piracy process the cracked applications will still work but after 10 runs a message will appear encouraging the owner to purchase the legal copy from the iTunes stores or to exit the application. In order to fight against obscenity Apple has removed around 5000 apps from its App Store which featured “overtly sexual” content. Although Apple has made no specific declarations regarding any changes that have been made to Apple App Store rules, however, several developers have received a message from Apple stating that the company is refining the guidelines under which the Apple App stores operate. So it’s now time to watch whether Apple succeeds in its new undertaking acting as the moral policeman to reform the society against obscenity.


  1. It was an Apple that started all obscenities right from the garden of Eden. And now another Apple is trying to fight it.

    What a funny irony!