Tuesday, February 9, 2010

International literacy - A Global Importance

International literacy is a matter of great concern to the world as because it is an empowered tool to achieve social and human development. Literacy is the only effective means to build an enlightened society in the present fragmented and degenerated world. There should be the provision of liberal access to educational opportunities for all so as to equip them against the challenges of life.
As education these days deals with the all-round development of a person, literacy too is not simply limited to the concept of the ability to read and write. UNESCO considers a person as literate not only if he can read but also understand; write short simple statements relevant to his daily life and at the same time capable of understanding the present scenario of the world. Hence various literacy programs are organized by the different organs of the United Nations or the state authority or by various NGOs and also by several concerned organizations to help the human race move beyond average performance towards exceptional growth.

International Literacy Program wishes to convey is that every child deserves the same educational opportunities as well as the tools for understanding their value and the footprint they will leave on planet Earth.

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