Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Effective Social Marketing Plan to Grow Business

There are plenty of ways to effectively use social media marketing plan to generate more revenue and simultaneously to maximize the exposure to the internet. Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing medium to in the field of online advertising. It is comparatively simple to set up and once you reach the critical mass, the outcome from social media marketing are awesome.
Following are the ways to set up successful social media marketing strategy.
1. Set up a business page on Facebook. This is preferably simpler to achieve. Sign up to Facebook and set-up a personal page. You would then set up your social media marketing page by establishing either a group or a page. Best recommendation is to set up your social media marketing plan as a page. Complete as much information in the business information tabs as possible and remember to link back to your main website.
2. Set up an attractive profile on twitter. Go to the Twitter home page and select "New User". Twitter is currently the fastest growing community on the internet. Complete the relevant information and verify your account. The next step is to search twitter for users interested in similar ideas as your business. There are so many ways in Internet to search niche users. There are a number of options you can target your social media marketing prospects, from your contacts lists to keyword searches. Take your time and add as many new contacts as time permits, but at the same time you should remember that friends will be from your niche filed so that you all will be benefited from the posting and the resources you share in the twitter.
3. Visit LinkedIn and make a new profile. Linked in often get users searching for individuals/ business for work so it is key to make sure that you completely fill out the details required for a complete profile. You can participate in the questions and answers session and that will inevitably solidify your social network. This will leverage your social media marketing opportunity and ensure your LinkedIn prospects know what you are about.
4. Join Digg and begin to submit the pages of your website to the Digg Community. Reply to your friend dig and digg for their articles. It will create more scope of digging up your posted article/ story by your fellow friends.
5. Join StumbleUpon and submit pages from your website. This is one of the largest sources of traffic early in your websites development and it is important that you maximize the power this resource has to offer to leverage social media marketing. You can draw 100-8000 unique visitors a day from this social networking website.
6. Add buttons to your website that will enable you to link from your website to each of these to your Social networking profiles. There are widgets and banners available at each of the Social Network Marketing sites that you can simply cut and paste into your website to Leverage the Power of this Medium.

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