Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Success Mantra

The success mantra of a successful business is not about possessing the Best Product in the world but about following the correct strategy. Great vision followed by brilliant execution by a competent team is the simple strategy that is sure to pave ones path to Success.
The vision statement should not only consist of an overrated exercise but doing the right actions by ceasing the right opportunity. The best aspect about your vision is that it should aim at changing the world and creating a smarter world. The vision should be such that it should be worth execution. If you believe in the vision you have for your company then you’ve managed to achieve your first goal. Now comes the hardest part that is to get others to believe in your vision too.
Intense goal orientation is the characteristic of every successful entrepreneur. The process of consensus building on a vision statement among the company promoter group will stand them in good stead. The need to have a vision statement is an obvious one and requires little elaboration: if you don’t know where you are going you will never reach there! Most importantly for the successful execution the right goals should be set up. The goals should be quantifiable and include deadline and sales volume. For goals to be effective, they have to be always clearly communicated to every single person.

A competent team forms an indispensable part of the success mantra of an organization. An average leader with a lesser vision of the skills needed to execute on the business plans, rarely looking beyond the hard skills required for the tasks to be undertaken. A great leader looks beyond the immediate skill set required. He looks for tomorrow’s leaders today, for his company’s future ambassadors who will take the company global. It is now recommended that instead of a leader “hearing out” his team’s views and taking a decision, a better way would be to allow for the team’s group dynamism to manifest itself. This requires a leader to listen to his team members, allowing for a consensus building process to take place. The team will then be able to conduct themselves in a positive atmosphere of inclusiveness. Thus is written the success story which starts with big dreams possessing a clear vision of your goal and achievements, which are to be strategically executed and achieved by a proficient team in the pursuit of their goal.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Fractional Club- Your Ideal Holiday Destination

The very concept of an ideal holiday is rather relative and so eventually the idea of an ideal holiday club is rather illusive. In today’s world of connected environment many holiday clubs and online vacation clubs have emerged out for the profit and benefit of all parties involved. Groups of individuals running their own travel businesses work together as part of a consortium or club that uses a variety of vendors or sources for providing information and online booking to taking care of personal interests, likings and dislikes. The term ‘compromise’, however, pops up every now and then as because no holiday club can successfully cater to all your wishes and whims to realize your idea of an ideal holiday.
Your idea of an ideal vacation now will no longer remain a distant dream as the Fractional Club has much in store for you. The Fractional Club offers you with the great opportunity to enjoy the millionaire lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. The Fractional Club offers a wide range of unique overseas property sharing- part, private, part-time share- apartments. Here you can enjoy joint ownership at your dream destination by overseas property sharing through the fractional club. The fractional Club possesses a large number of exotic holiday clubs or resorts in a large number of popular destinations. The uniqueness of these holiday clubs at Fractional Club – set against the beautiful landscape that is striking enough to take your breath away- is that they provide you with the opportunity to plan and spend wonderful holidays in these exotic, spacious self-catering vacation clubs in accordance to your heart’s desires.
The Fractional Club offers a unique and innovative scheme by which the property can be owned. A basic theme of fractional ownership of property exists with many variations, where usually between four and thirteen owners enjoy rights to own and use a specific property. Unlike the regular timeshare scheme where most people buy just one or two weeks and have only the rights to use the property for those specific weeks each year, with Fractional Club you actually own a share of the property. There is a wide range of properties at a growing number of locations now available as more and more companies offer this attractive alternative to purchasing a property outright. You can choose from a wide variety of properties from a studio apartment to a luxury three bedroom detached home with its own private swimming pool. The price we quote for each 10% share is inclusive of the purchase price of the property, all setting up costs including the furnishings and legal fees, and also The Fractional Club's arrangement fee for coordinating the scheme. The Fractional Club thus promises you the experience of an unparalleled ideal holiday in a utopian world.