Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Among the latest technological trends the MMS is much in vogue these days, especially among the youth. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) serves them the purpose of functional as well as fun communicative method. MMS provides them with a rather cheap solution to greater and better expression. MMS stands on an advantageous position as compared to other technologies like SMS or email because of the fact that it has the capability to include multimedia such as pictures, sounds and video in a combination with text, but at the same time it is super easy to receive and send on your mobile phone, and you need not worry about having specific software installed on your device or similar. MMS provides an array of services like capturing photos via a camera phone or recording videos through mobile phones and then sending it instantly without the help of any external device or services, composing your own animated picture messages and sending to friends, sending audio files, sending video files etc.
Marketing through MMS has turned out to be the next big thing and is sure to overshadow the current marketing strategies. Mobile advertising and m-Commerce have worked wonders in the domain of e-Commerce which has shown excellent growth rate. In the case of mobile advertising the targeted audience is chiefly the youth section of the society. Moreover the use of MMS is more pronounced among the youth which is evident from the fact that it is mostly the youth that capture pictures and record videos of some interesting events and then instantly share those pictures and video files with their friends very easily through MMS service. Youngsters also indulge in downloading audio and video files and again circulating those amongst their friends through the help of this smart solution called MMS.
MMS service in India has gained in a good deal of popularity especially among the youth. MMS-Club has redefined the whole system by bringing together the two ground-breaking inventions the computer and the mobile phones. By this amazing method users can send messages for free, via the internet without any expensive carrier fee. MMS-Club offers free mms service in India from computers to mobile phones and helps you to stay easily connected with your friends and family. MMS-club provides you not only with the opportunity to send free mms anywhere in India but also the ability to send free mms from anywhere across the world to India. The site offers you to send free mms on the latest Bollywood news and lots of other interesting pictures of cricket, IPL cricket, models, landscape, cars and other celebrities and also share your own personal pictures along with audio and video files.

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Modern Man’s Dilemma and His Importance of Being Earnest

“….. in a universe that is suddenly deprived of illusions and of light, man feels a stranger. His is an irremediable exile….. This divorce between man and is life…… truly constitutes the feeling of Absurdity”.

~ Albert Camus(“ The Myth of Sisyphus”)

Modern man is greatly caught up within the intrigues of social living- more in love with an idea than the real self. Pretense is the price he pays for freedom
from the pretense of convention. Although the life here seems to be replete with joy, yet life beyond hypocrisy is one threatened by the dangerous climate of moral anarchy. The attempt to free oneself from the stereotypes and the recognition of the ‘Self ‘ forms the hub of the modern man’s dilemma. The idea of self-assertion is lost or else relegated to the backdrop and so in a roundabout fashion the society heralds the idea of escapism. An utter disbelief in the age-old convictions, especially in the existence of God and a deeper self-questioning which was the spirit of the age led to the acceptance of the fact that escapades are inevitable and the most desirable for modern man. Not only the Romantics who are accused of escapism even Duke Senior in “As You Like It” and Prospero in “The Tempest” had both retired from the world when they found it impossible to cope with its evils. Even neither could Velutha or Amu of “The God of Small Things” or Meursault ( “The Outsider”) – an outcast from society, who chose his own inner exile- successfully manage to lead a life of seclusion from the evils of the society making us realize that all escape routes are closed and that Arcadia does not exist in real life. At the same time it is not possible to eliminate the undesirable aspects of social life altogether. Life entails the collapse of the values and conventions that have sustained the Western thought- the belief in God, in the unity of the world, in the comprehension of experience, the communicability of experience through language and the concept of Being. Man here exists in a state of “emotional exile” emotionally questing for the ‘Holy Grail’ of happiness and satisfaction. The realists of the 21st century know that for a new order, they will have to cater to the continued existence of the norms and conform to the idea of “Be Thyself”. The visionaries and philosophers of life suggest us to scour the realm of our “Infernal Arcadia” like a benevolent maenad, dismembering these various literary aliases. Ultimately, in this redemptive comedy of LIFE, Man is confronted with their alter egos only to dissolve hilariously into their actual selves, thereby heralding the “Importance of Being Earnest”.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Twist in the OSCAR Tale

The Oscar fever is over but not without a twist in the tale. For the Best Director and the Best Picture it was between James Cameron for “Avatar” Kathryn Bigelow for “The Hurt Locker” and again it was the “Avatar” vs “The Hurt Locker” race respectively. Unfortunately, however, for “Avatar”- although backed by a major studio, propelled by the millions of dollars made by the film and helmed by an Academy-favorite director- it met the same fate as Titanic at the end of its glorious journey.

With the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences adopting new tricks regarding the voting system “Avatar” could fare well probably because the Nihilism of “The Hurt Locker” surely had made a greater impact on the Jury. In its depiction of life in the Iraqi war zone, it is hard to see anything meaningful. As Eldrich Owen, one of the principal characters says to his psychiatrist: “You say ‘Be all you can be’. But what if all I can be is dead on the side of an Iraqi road?”This at once reminds us of the “chocolate-cream soldier” – Bluntschli from “Arms and the Man” who had then tried to reveal the ugly truth of Imperialism behind the wars. The Academy also evaluates the economic logic i.e., the voters assign a certain ‘utility’ to every movie and rate them accordingly. Finally we find that the human plight in these imperialistic wars where humanity is against humanity ( as in The Hurt Locker) rather than the human race against the aliens emerges out to the least offensive, the least esoteric and hence the WINNER.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Social Networking- Beyond Just Being Social

Social Networking sites have turned out to be the next big thing and have greatly contributed in building up a connected environment. The popular social networking sites provide a person with the opportunity to create and join a network of friends and acquaintances of his choice so that one can remain socially connected in spite of his virtual presence. In Today’s busy world the opportunity provided by social networking sites to communicate with your friends and acquaintances and keeping them informed about yourself in accordance to your wishes is always appreciated.

Social Networking sites have however given rise to a great deal of discontent among their users because of the several inconveniences these social networking sites have given rise to. Firstly because of the web crawlers and spammers your social identity and privacy is threatened. Moreover the aspects of unwanted intervention of disturbing people and messages, picture stealing and also the aspect of identity theft, not to forget the obnoxious exhibitionism that these social beings indulge into to create the identity they had long wished to be. Nonetheless, all these aspects fall short of the fact that social networking is becoming a big topic among network marketers. Business professionals from all over the world are now turning social relationships into business opportunities. Social networking has proved to be a successful means of building business connects and contacts. Moreover these networking sites provide excellent follow-up system, to professionals, which are “referral centric”. Hence social networking helps to safely utilize your resource for information on and about personal and business networking in a more productive fashion beyond just being social.