Saturday, March 6, 2010

Social Networking- Beyond Just Being Social

Social Networking sites have turned out to be the next big thing and have greatly contributed in building up a connected environment. The popular social networking sites provide a person with the opportunity to create and join a network of friends and acquaintances of his choice so that one can remain socially connected in spite of his virtual presence. In Today’s busy world the opportunity provided by social networking sites to communicate with your friends and acquaintances and keeping them informed about yourself in accordance to your wishes is always appreciated.

Social Networking sites have however given rise to a great deal of discontent among their users because of the several inconveniences these social networking sites have given rise to. Firstly because of the web crawlers and spammers your social identity and privacy is threatened. Moreover the aspects of unwanted intervention of disturbing people and messages, picture stealing and also the aspect of identity theft, not to forget the obnoxious exhibitionism that these social beings indulge into to create the identity they had long wished to be. Nonetheless, all these aspects fall short of the fact that social networking is becoming a big topic among network marketers. Business professionals from all over the world are now turning social relationships into business opportunities. Social networking has proved to be a successful means of building business connects and contacts. Moreover these networking sites provide excellent follow-up system, to professionals, which are “referral centric”. Hence social networking helps to safely utilize your resource for information on and about personal and business networking in a more productive fashion beyond just being social.

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