Monday, February 22, 2010

Apple's fight against Obscenity

After Apple’s successful mission to fight against piracy through its anti-piracy measures it has now engaged in the task to fight obscenity. Through the anti-piracy process the cracked applications will still work but after 10 runs a message will appear encouraging the owner to purchase the legal copy from the iTunes stores or to exit the application. In order to fight against obscenity Apple has removed around 5000 apps from its App Store which featured “overtly sexual” content. Although Apple has made no specific declarations regarding any changes that have been made to Apple App Store rules, however, several developers have received a message from Apple stating that the company is refining the guidelines under which the Apple App stores operate. So it’s now time to watch whether Apple succeeds in its new undertaking acting as the moral policeman to reform the society against obscenity.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Children Education as a step towards attaining tolerance, respect, and understanding

Children Education programs have been a discussion topic for years. However, research has shown that the mere attainment of book knowledge is not enough for a child. Meg’s Friends International Education and Outreach Program (MFIEO) is an organization dedicated to education but with a larger global purpose. The simple objective of this program is to provide information, training, study materials, and books to those in need. MFIEO is an international education program with the larger goal of imparting good human values, respect for fellow human beings, the planet, and the individual self. The mission of the program is to promote good-will, love, tolerance, understanding, and learning among the teachers and children of the world.
Most children’s education programs focus on the fundamentals of education with outdated modalities of teaching. These antiquated ideas have been changing. But the progress has been slow or non- existent. Meg’s Friends International Education and Outreach Program approaches education differently. With our teaching curriculum and modalities, children become more interested in studies while learning key human values that foster self-development and respect for life. This children’s program delivers education through unique and innovative ways, making learning fun for children. This children’s education program possess an added advantage because the way the curriculum is structured, children learn a variety of subjects in one lesson plan. Such educational programs are especially useful for children who face problems in a particular area of study because it offers the opportunity to work through some of their “problem” areas without pressure.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Utility of English Education Books

Literacy not only means the ability to read and write but at the same time the ability of self-expression and communication. In order to successfully communicate globally the knowledge of English is very important. Moreover the knowledge of English helps to build up a connected world in this modern era of globalization.
There are various interesting and innovative ways of learning English. English language is nowadays taught in various institutions where the teachers follow classroom specifications to accomplish the linguistic objectives. Online tutorials are also available where English is taught in a professional manner by following a proper curriculum. However the process of rendering self-education by reading English Education Books is considered to be the time-tested method of learning English.
The proponents of the new approach to education suggest that the process of imparting education should be more child-centric and so various innovations are brought into the education system to make learning more interesting. In a similar fashion the books that are now published not only concentrate on delivering knowledge but to make learning a joyful experience. Picture story books in English are regarded as being the ideal for teaching English to children within the age group of 4-9 years. These story books are basically the Rapid Readers which can easily be read and understood by children. This also helps to increase the interest of the children towards learning English by making the process more attractive.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Final Countdown of the Vancouver Winter Olympics

Great excitement has been building up all over the world on the final countdown of the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 in spite of the fact that the memory of the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics is still fresh for the Canadians who had to bear its cost. None the less Vancouver has been enthusiastically preparing for this big event and has also focused on the aspect to ward off the unwanted achievements made by the Montreal Summer Olympics. Preparing for this event, it is estimated to have cost the organizers around 6bn dollars especially for the security reasons. During this event the focus of the world will be on the city and there will be an influx of sports visitors which will also provide the opportunity to promote Canada’s Tourism Brand. Never the less all the estimates fall short to the message of peace, equality, inclusion and friendship which the Vancouver Winter Olympics wishes to spread.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MMS adds an extra-dimension to SMS

The arrival of mobile phones is regarded as a landmark in the history of telecommunication as it has completely revolutionized the whole system. This gadget supports many other services and functions functionality like SMS, MMS, web surfing, listening to music, watching videos and even capturing pictures as compared to a telephone which served the purpose of communicating through talking. Among all these services offered the Short Message Service (SMS) and the Multi-Media service (MMS) are the ones most popularly used.

With an increase in the use of mobile phones, there has been a concomitant increase in the popularity of SMS service. The SMS service is considered to be a major contribution to innovative, functional and fun communicative methods. The SMS eventually is a cheap, quick and convenient method of communication. Such brief messages are instrumental in conveying the desired information or news by the senders to its receivers. The instant delivery of sms along with other added advantages has rendered it to the position of an efficient marketing tool because of its effective ways of reaching out to the targeted audience. MMS, however, is regarded as the best among the telephony messaging systems. It is an improvement upon the SMS as because it allows sending messages that includes multimedia objects (images, audio, and video) and not just text messages as in Short message service. MMS has gained wide acceptance because of its extensive range of advantages and provides great business opportunities for the whole telecommunications industry. In the present scenario when mobile phone has become an essential part of our daily life, MMS service facilitates full-fledged advertisements (including pictures and videos) to reach his target audience almost anywhere, anytime along with the ability to achieve optimum effects.

There are so many websites that are providing free mms sending services from the computer to mobile phones. This has become in vogue now. Many companies have come up with this brilliant concept of free mms service program through which one can send favorite clips, photos even his/her own image to anyone anywhere.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

International literacy - A Global Importance

International literacy is a matter of great concern to the world as because it is an empowered tool to achieve social and human development. Literacy is the only effective means to build an enlightened society in the present fragmented and degenerated world. There should be the provision of liberal access to educational opportunities for all so as to equip them against the challenges of life.
As education these days deals with the all-round development of a person, literacy too is not simply limited to the concept of the ability to read and write. UNESCO considers a person as literate not only if he can read but also understand; write short simple statements relevant to his daily life and at the same time capable of understanding the present scenario of the world. Hence various literacy programs are organized by the different organs of the United Nations or the state authority or by various NGOs and also by several concerned organizations to help the human race move beyond average performance towards exceptional growth.

International Literacy Program wishes to convey is that every child deserves the same educational opportunities as well as the tools for understanding their value and the footprint they will leave on planet Earth.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Acer’s New Avatar

The invention of personal computers are regarded as a landmark in the history of computers. The IBM Home computer quickly helped to revolutionize the consumer market in 1981, as computers came within the reach of home owners and standard consumers. This was followed by many new discoveries and innovations from the Apple- Microsoft war to the development of the gimmick- the Apple iPad. Another major breakthrough in the domain of computer is the invention of 3D laptops by Acer. When the consumer electronic space is experiencing the advent of big technological moves like the launching of the 3D TV or the multi-touch facility supported by iPhones, Macs, iPads etc, Acer added 3D and multi-touch to their latest range of laptops and has moved far ahead of the competition.
Acer’s 5738D provides you with the cheapest solution of living in the world of Pandora and you need not possess the 3D hardware on your desk, or a screen with 120Hz refresh rate and a specialized graphics card. The screen of this laptop is covered with a thin layer of polarizing filters. The laptop possesses the software- “ TriDef3D” which helps to co-ordinate between the left and right of the screen and the corresponding eye combined with the polarized specs helps you enjoy the 3D magic. Moreover the Acer 5738PzG multi-touch notebook is unique in itself. This multi-touch notebook provides you with the facility to use gestures – like flicking, swirling etc- to navigate through websites and other functions, to create hand-written notes and operate various other functions. Hence as far as the features go Acer 5738D and Acer 5738PzG offer far more than most top-end laptops and must be regarded as the end of your search for Perfect computer.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The PayPal Fiasco

It is a matter of great concern and at the same time quite frustrating that Paypal has stopped transactions taking place between India and the rest of the world. Today India has grown into a great IT hub and possesses a huge client base world-wide, who are mostly depending on Paypal for monetary transactions. This suddenly collapse of the Paypal has led to huge losses incurred by both the buyers and sellers together. The smooth process of delivering services and earning money has suddenly come to a halt which has given rise to a great deal of chaos and confusion in the Indian service providing market. This has not only made a dreadful impact on the lives of millions of employees, but also greatly damaged the client and service provider relationship. There could be several causes behind the sudden non-functioning of Paypal. Thousand of middle level companies mostly web development companies are facing great problems in their day-to-day monetary transactions. Hope Paypal is aware of the whole situation and will readily find a solution to smartly overcome this global crisis.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The various advantages of catalog sheets

Catalog sheets are often regarded as an effective way to begin an inexpensive marketing campaign. The use of catalog sheet helps to arrange all the products in an organized manner. Catalog sheets help in the process of systematized management of innumerable products and at the same time rendering an ornamental touch to a mere list of products.

Catalog sheets are often regarded as an improvisation of a company’s brochures. It is because in catalog sheets unlimited number of pages can be included in accordance with the company’s requirements, which is neither possible nor acceptable in the case of brochures. It also provides you with detailed information of the products and services that are provided by a company.

Moreover the concept of online catalog sheets has completely revolutionized the shopping process of the customers. The prospective customers can easily attain a vivid idea about any product. The added advantage of these online catalog is that, the customers are provided with the option to be able to compare the price as well as the features of any product of different companies.

The most important advantage of these online catalog is that unlimited number of products can be included in such catalogs, thereby widening the scope of choice of the customers.

An important aspect about catalog sheets which should always be kept in mind while designing it, is that it should have the capacity to not draw the attention of the perspective customers but also retain their attention and finally convince them and convert them to be the company’s customers. Moreover each page of a catalog should be complete in itself and should be able to convey some message which it was supposed to. While arranging the featured products or services in a catalog a pattern should always be maintained, consisting of categories and sub-categories, so that the viewers might not get lost in the crowd of products and lose their interest.

Printshop Express has helped to provide a new approach to the concept of catalog sheets. It provides its customers with a varied range of catalog sheets, along with the added advantage to upload their desired images to create customized catalog sheets. The company displays the best deals in print jobs to include full color printing, commercial printing, and digital printing services for brochures, letterheads, presentation folder, envelopes, postcards, newsletters, door hangers, catalogs, and booklets.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Beginning

There have been plenty of events which we come across in our life which touch the core of our hearts. Some of the events have been long lost in the oblivion and some of them still remain stored in our memory for ever. Knowledge is power. It will be going strengthen one and all. An innovative blog is the finest method of breezing you, I and everyone globally for exchanging our mind and heart. I suppose, my knowledge in comparison to you is poor, nevertheless, for the first time, I have planned to write something which will encompass certain aspects of this engrossing virtual life in this cyber world. You may find it hard to believe but the thing we call the “cyber world” has become more popular these days than the real world. The cyber world provides an easy escape from the harsh realities of the traditional real world and provides the opportunity to renew ourselves as larger-than life.

The scope of this virtual world is immense as because internet is regarded as the central resource for knowledge and information. Millions of people from all over the world log in their digital alter ego, and adventure in virtual worlds that only exist in cyberspace. The capacity of this world in terms of participatory opportunities and potentials with respect to social, education and financial aspects are immense.

For long days I have been thinking to share my feeling and experience with you viewers. Finally I have come here to share my words to you all. As I have been a web marketing consultant, I have come across plenty of experiences in different types of industries, their products and services. All these enthrall me and stimulate me to write something. I would like to keep all these fragments of my experience with/regarding different product and services in the sphere of your remembrance. Who knows, one of my posts would turn out to be beneficial to you at work or in your personal life. If it is/be so, I will consider myself to be really fortunate. There are many things I wish to write about from different areas of my interest and hope they will shine to keep up the name of the blog MISHMASH, which will not only prove insightful to the viewers but also help them to gather better knowledge with updated information.

Dear readers, your thoughtful analysis or ruthless criticism will equally appreciated as it will really enrich me and help me to improve and excel in my next blog posts.