Monday, February 8, 2010

Acer’s New Avatar

The invention of personal computers are regarded as a landmark in the history of computers. The IBM Home computer quickly helped to revolutionize the consumer market in 1981, as computers came within the reach of home owners and standard consumers. This was followed by many new discoveries and innovations from the Apple- Microsoft war to the development of the gimmick- the Apple iPad. Another major breakthrough in the domain of computer is the invention of 3D laptops by Acer. When the consumer electronic space is experiencing the advent of big technological moves like the launching of the 3D TV or the multi-touch facility supported by iPhones, Macs, iPads etc, Acer added 3D and multi-touch to their latest range of laptops and has moved far ahead of the competition.
Acer’s 5738D provides you with the cheapest solution of living in the world of Pandora and you need not possess the 3D hardware on your desk, or a screen with 120Hz refresh rate and a specialized graphics card. The screen of this laptop is covered with a thin layer of polarizing filters. The laptop possesses the software- “ TriDef3D” which helps to co-ordinate between the left and right of the screen and the corresponding eye combined with the polarized specs helps you enjoy the 3D magic. Moreover the Acer 5738PzG multi-touch notebook is unique in itself. This multi-touch notebook provides you with the facility to use gestures – like flicking, swirling etc- to navigate through websites and other functions, to create hand-written notes and operate various other functions. Hence as far as the features go Acer 5738D and Acer 5738PzG offer far more than most top-end laptops and must be regarded as the end of your search for Perfect computer.

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