Sunday, February 21, 2010

Children Education as a step towards attaining tolerance, respect, and understanding

Children Education programs have been a discussion topic for years. However, research has shown that the mere attainment of book knowledge is not enough for a child. Meg’s Friends International Education and Outreach Program (MFIEO) is an organization dedicated to education but with a larger global purpose. The simple objective of this program is to provide information, training, study materials, and books to those in need. MFIEO is an international education program with the larger goal of imparting good human values, respect for fellow human beings, the planet, and the individual self. The mission of the program is to promote good-will, love, tolerance, understanding, and learning among the teachers and children of the world.
Most children’s education programs focus on the fundamentals of education with outdated modalities of teaching. These antiquated ideas have been changing. But the progress has been slow or non- existent. Meg’s Friends International Education and Outreach Program approaches education differently. With our teaching curriculum and modalities, children become more interested in studies while learning key human values that foster self-development and respect for life. This children’s program delivers education through unique and innovative ways, making learning fun for children. This children’s education program possess an added advantage because the way the curriculum is structured, children learn a variety of subjects in one lesson plan. Such educational programs are especially useful for children who face problems in a particular area of study because it offers the opportunity to work through some of their “problem” areas without pressure.

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