Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MMS adds an extra-dimension to SMS

The arrival of mobile phones is regarded as a landmark in the history of telecommunication as it has completely revolutionized the whole system. This gadget supports many other services and functions functionality like SMS, MMS, web surfing, listening to music, watching videos and even capturing pictures as compared to a telephone which served the purpose of communicating through talking. Among all these services offered the Short Message Service (SMS) and the Multi-Media service (MMS) are the ones most popularly used.

With an increase in the use of mobile phones, there has been a concomitant increase in the popularity of SMS service. The SMS service is considered to be a major contribution to innovative, functional and fun communicative methods. The SMS eventually is a cheap, quick and convenient method of communication. Such brief messages are instrumental in conveying the desired information or news by the senders to its receivers. The instant delivery of sms along with other added advantages has rendered it to the position of an efficient marketing tool because of its effective ways of reaching out to the targeted audience. MMS, however, is regarded as the best among the telephony messaging systems. It is an improvement upon the SMS as because it allows sending messages that includes multimedia objects (images, audio, and video) and not just text messages as in Short message service. MMS has gained wide acceptance because of its extensive range of advantages and provides great business opportunities for the whole telecommunications industry. In the present scenario when mobile phone has become an essential part of our daily life, MMS service facilitates full-fledged advertisements (including pictures and videos) to reach his target audience almost anywhere, anytime along with the ability to achieve optimum effects.

There are so many websites that are providing free mms sending services from the computer to mobile phones. This has become in vogue now. Many companies have come up with this brilliant concept of free mms service program through which one can send favorite clips, photos even his/her own image to anyone anywhere.

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