Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Workplace Flexibility in Business Degree Jobs

“These days most workers are happy simply to have a job, and aren't thinking about what their boss can do to make life a little easier.” With the significant amount of job loss many people are driven to the necessity as well as the choice to become freelancers or entrepreneurs- consultants, small owners who welcome the autonomy and flexibility of freelancer work. Moreover workplace flexibility is much in vogue for business degree jobs these days. There is evidence that productivity increases at firms with workplace flexibility can save US businesses billions of dollars a year. Furthermore flexibility can reduce absences due to sickness and employee turnover, an intriguing trait as firms chase productivity.
First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama's keen interest and commitment to build and promote flexible workplaces for business degree jobs is really thrilling. Workplace flexibility remains an elusive phenomenon in most American workplaces -- the majority of such benefits are available only to the highly qualified and skilled professional workforce. Certain discrepancies may arise between employers and the workers could be caused by differences in data collection, or the discrepancy could exist because some workers are not aware of employers' willingness to accommodate flexibility. There are great expectations regarding revolutionizing the entire work culture leading to the growth of happy working families.

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