Friday, April 23, 2010

The IPL Quagmire

As the IPL tournament enters into its last phrase and reaches a feverish pitch, the horrifying news of the IPL matches being already fixed up by none other than our cricketing idols is revealed by the income tax (I-T) report. It’s really shocking to know that the IPL matches that we had been following for the last 2months had been fixed beforehand by the super stars of Indian cricket and even the International players. Thus along with the brand value of the IPL teams the fixing and betting rackets have scaled new heights. Lalit Modi the mastermind behind the IPL mania- embroiled in both generation of black money, money laundering, betting in cricket (according to I-T report) – along with senior and junior cricketers for the first time in the cricketing history have jointly fixed the outcome of the matches. Moreover the IPL dilemma showcases the fact that in India, people in the high offices get priority, can easily break rules or better still bend rules in your favor. A nudge or a wink ensures that the right person gets certain contracts, gets those franchises. Instead in India, there are very few things here where the right contact would not work their magic. The best part of all is that these deeds get discovered suddenly when there is a clash between two interested parties as is the case with the IPL blame game which all began with a tweet.

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