Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prevent Identity Theft by RFID Blocking Method

Radio Frequency Identification i.e., RFID technology is turning out to be a popular phenomenon as because a number of devices using these type of tags is growing exponentially. Among the different categories of RFID tags, but the most common ones, and the ones we will be dealing with, are the "passive" type. Passive RFID chips contain an antenna- mostly used in credit cards, passports and ID cards- which bounce its data back out through the antenna, where it will be picked up by its reader.
RFID blocking is used as an effective method in order to prevent identity theft and payment fraud by blocking personal information. Michael Aiello is an entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of DIFR wear, a company that designs and manufacturers RFID blocking apparel to prevent identity theft. Aiello is a graduate of Polytechnic Institute of NYU (formerly Brooklyn Polytechnic) and started his business while still an undergraduate. RFUD blocking apparel is turning out to be the next big thing as it helps to provide individuals the ability to maintain privacy and ensure security in a world of insecure contactless devices.

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