Saturday, August 21, 2010

Surfing in the Brazilian Sea Shores

Brazil is the largest country located on the eastern side of South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil is well known as a sports loving country. But apart from sports, Brazil has many things to offer to the tourists. It is a land of tropical jungles, clean beaches, and urban centers where partying and dancing dominate. The annual parade held in Rio de Janerio is the major source of attraction for tourists from all corners of the world.
The location of Brazil makes it a nice place for surfing vacations. The vast coastal area along the Atlantic Ocean is great for surfing lovers. Brazil has huge amount of different consistent waves contrary to the belief that the waves are not too high. Many of the swells are generated by the deep low pressures that track past Cape Horn, sending swells northwards throughout the year.
Brazil has a tropical and subtropical climate characterized by high temperatures and moderate to heavy rainfall. The tropical climate makes it a convenient place for beach lovers and surfers to spend their surfing vacations.
Surfing Spots:
• Towards the north side of the country, there is Amapa where you can find Pororoca spot, the best for experienced surfers.
• To the south of Amapa, one of the north eastern states- Maranhao is there with a number of spots like Ponta de Areia, Olho da Agua and Travosa which are suitable for all types of surfers.
• Cerea is another location with spots like Paracuru, Iracema, Futuro, Jurema, Titanzhino, Prainha, Morro, Branco and Tibau.
• One of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Rio Grande de Norte has surf to suit all skill ranges. Baia Formosa, Cacimbinhas, Lajao, Madeiro, Pipa, Ponta Negra, Saji and Urtigas Reef are some of the important surf points over here. Baia Formosa which means beautiful bay is quite famous for its surf beaches.
• Rio de Janerio has numerous surf spots like Baixio, Barra de Guaratiba, Pier, Praia da Macumba which have been rated as popular.
• In the south side of the country, the island of Santa Catarina has the best that Brazil has to offer with quality waves such as Santinho and Mocambique.
Surfing Period:
Southern Brazil catches the east to south swells produced in the Antarctic Ocean from April to October, whereas Northern Brazil catches the northern swells from November to March.
Surf Resorts:
Brazil has a number of surf resorts all over the country which provides you with superb accommodations and facilities. These surf resorts have sports gear for guests including bicycles and surfboards. Thus you can enjoy surfing without any worries.
Surf Charters:
Surfing charters are the best option for those who want to enjoy their surfing vacations in the water instead of land. Surfing charters are the alternative option of surf resorts. You can go for surfing or can just enjoy the calm environment sitting in your surfing charters.
So next time you plan a vacation, Brazil can be a good option to choose from.
If you want a hassle free surfing vacation, in the northern side of the country, then Xoxxi is the answer for you. Xoxxi has a surf resort which is 40 metres from the Baia Formosa Beach. The resort provides you with all that you need for surfing. Surfing classes, excursions, trekking, buggy rides, etc are organized from here. The tasty cuisine will fill up your appetite. So come to Brazil and immerse yourself in the fun and frolic of the country.

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